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their story. your memories.

LovedForever™ is transforming the way we preserve the memories of our loved ones. Tell their legacy by leaving behind more of the story with a digital tribute or custom memorial website.

We’ll help you beautifully tell their story with a custom memorial website as unique as them.

LovedForever™ helps you preserve the legacy and memory of a lost loved one with a digital memorial you, your family and generations to come will cherish.

Transform the way your loved one is remembered with a LovedForever™ memorial website. Our designers will create a visual life story complete with a beautifully written biography, professionally edited photos, videos and messages.

Remember together. Heal together.

Unique Design

LovedForever™ memorials are custom built and designed around an individual’s life and legacy.

Photos & Videos

We’ll take your photographs and videos and transform them into a story with visual timelines and galleries of a life well lived.

Tell their story

Our design team will work with you to capture the essence of who this special person was and tell their story.


Share your memorial with family and friends as a gift for future generations to come. Invite them to share their memories.

A trusted and customized digital platform to share the story of a lifetime.

LovedForever™ tributes and memorial websites are as unique as the person they are dedicated to. A digital memorial to their life and story so generations to come and the ones that follow them will know and remember.

leave behind more than just photos, share the memories